The New World Order

CONSPIRACY TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Richard Rees’s “The Illuminati Conspiracy”, tells of the secret society’s birth and its first attempt, in Napoleonic times, to rule the world, the outcome of which hinges on a mighty sea-battle between Britain and France off the Bay of Trafalgar. Said by some to have plagiarized his Illuminati theme from “Angels and Demons”, Rees is able to refute this. His original novel was published first, by Hodder & Stoughton.

What is The Illuminati? Read The Illuminati Conspiracy by Richard Rees and discover their origins from the time of the French Revolution, and their aims which continue to this day.

In 1802, Lieutenant Richard Machen, along with many of his colleagues, is released from active service in the Royal Navy. The British government expects a long period of peace, and believes that the threat from Napoleon has disappeared.

Machen plans to travel from his ship at Chatham to his old home on the Welsh Gower Peninsula, a wild place full of fond memories of the years spent growing up in the company of beautiful Jane Ashford. But when he breaks his journey in London, Richard Machen witnesses a cruel murder, and when he gets to the Gower, all is sadly changed. The young officer is drawn into a mystery which leads him inexorably towards the centre of an astounding plot – the very birthpangs of ‘communalism’ – to overthrow the government and deliver Britain into the hands of a secret revolutionary organisation based in France.

From coaching houses to castles, from ministries of state to ships of war, The Illuminati Conspiracy marvellously conveys the real atmosphere of post revolutionary France and Pitt’s England. Full of excitement and suspense, it is both a powerful love story, and a fascinating, richly detailed historical thriller which grips the reader at the very beginning and never lets go until the powerful climactic moment aboard Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, off the coast of Spain in 1805.

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